What was your favourite pre-internet ad?

The Smash Martians, BT’s ‘you got an ology?’ and Yellow Pages’ ‘J.R. Hartley’ have been voted the UK’s most memorable ‘pre-internet’ ads.

In a poll of 2,000 UK consumers, research from Acxiom highlights the challenges of making a similar emotional impact with advertising in today’s multi-channel marketing landscape.

The report, ‘Ad campaigns reimagined’, reveals the ads from the 70s, 80s and early 90s that consumers remembered based on a series of stills, with the top five most memorable being:

  1. Smash – Martians (69.4%)
  2. BT – You got an ology? (68.9%)
  3. Yellow Pages – J.R. Hartley (65.1%)
  4. P.G. Tips – Chimps (57.6%)
  5. ASDA – That’s ASDA price (57.3%)

The study highlights the importance of brands today achieving an emotional connection in advertising, with 41% consumers saying that an ad has appealed to them emotionally within the last year and, critically, 35% say creating an emotional response will influence them to respond positively to an ad.

Jed Mole, European Marketing Director, Acxiom, comments: “These classic, much-loved ads showed us that a human, emotional connection is important in creating a successful campaign. But while great creative still counts, ensuring that it reaches and engages the relevant audiences wherever they are, on whatever device is every bit as important.

“Today, the creative only retains its integrity when the multiple moments of truth across channels and screens reinforce the message and build a trusted relationship with the consumer.”

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