Webinar: Aligning Marketing and IT: How CMOs and CIOs can work together more effectively

Start:09th Feb 2017 01:00pm ET
End:09th Feb 2017 02:00pm

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This webinar explores the relationship between marketing and IT departments and the importance of CMO and CIO alignment for establishing the best possible digital backbone for a business.

According to ClickZ Intelligence research, only 52% of marketers agree that ‘marketing and IT work closely together to ensure the best possible delivery of their solution or service’. An even smaller percentage (37%) agree that they have a clear governance framework to ensure that CIOs / CTOs and CMOs work together effectively.

Questions explored in the webinar include:

  • Who owns infrastructure decision-making within an organization?
  • Which channels (across desktop, mobile, social, video and display advertising) are set up to deliver a great customer experience and which are falling short?
  • How do marketing priorities and IT challenges differ, and how can they be aligned?
  • How can business effectively manage and optimize for big data?

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Speakers include:

  • Andrew Warren-Payne, Senior Consultant, ClickZ Intelligence
  • Mike Veeder, Sr. Manager, AdTech/Media Segment, Zayo Group
  • Chris O’Hara, Head of Marketing, Krux Digital

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