VIDEO: Attribution Testing Is Everything, Says SAP [#CZLBKK]

Effectively competing in the world of multichannel advertising for the omniscient consumer is becoming increasingly challenging for marketers today, said Crispin Sheridan, vice president of digital scale and operations at SAP, during his keynote address at ClickZ Live held in Bangkok last week. In order to overcome this, businesses need to remove all assumed standards when testing digital attribution models and remember that minimal adjustments can have great effects.

“Some of the biggest surprises are that some of the smallest changes can have a huge impact – something that is either more concise or more descriptive can have conversion rate improvements of up to 47 or 50 percent,” he said.

Sheridan discussed attribution models that are able to test content, layout, and user experience, as well as what works and what doesn’t. “The right attribution model can generate the maximum amount of business value out of a fixed budget.”

In this video interview, Sheridan shares how businesses can plan and manage effective multichannel marketing campaigns, as well as offers modeling and forecasting tips.

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