The top 10 worst Christmas ads of all time

Christmas isn’t just a time for good cheer, it’s also a time for terrible advertising. From the overly sentimental and corny to the irritating and unconvincing, here are our top ten worst Christmas ads of all time:

1. Mr Kipling, Nativity 

Ah Mr Kipling – a maker of exceedingly good cakes, and terrible ads. This one appears to show a woman named Mary painfully giving birth in clinical surroundings – until the camera pans out and the scene becomes a nativity play. It was only shown on TV three times because of the volume of complaints it received.

2. Iceland, Christmas “all-stars”

Any Christmas ad by Iceland could occupy this space, but this particular video has been chosen because it’s so corny. Coleen Nolan and Kerry Katona persuade Jason Donovan (who has sadly downgaded since Kylie) to stay at a terrible-looking party by singing ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ next to the buffet table.

3. Walmart, Yodelling Cat 

Chuck a cat in, and it’ll be a huge success right? Wrong. This cat is VERY ANNOYING and sings for way too long.

4. Asda, Christmas doesn’t happen by magic

In 2012, Asda thought it was a good idea to run a campaign showing a woman undertaking all the Christmas chores, followed by the tagline “Behind every great Christmas there’s mum, and behind every great mum, there’s Asda”. The ASA received over 600 complaints about it – because of it’s patronising portrayal of males as useless and women as doers of menial tasks.

5. Sainsbury’s, Family Christmas: John Cleese

John Cleese selling out and saying ‘Sainsbury’s’ far too much. Sigh.

6. Argos Christmas ad 2015

A James Bond-ish mountain chase… but with Argos products. It’s very busy and confusing.

7. Tesco, A Spice Girls Christmas

Worst celebrity dramatic performance goes to the Spice Girls in 2007, with this cringe inducing Christmas ad for Tesco.

8. McDonalds, Ronald McDonald Ice Skating

This was made in the ’80s, but it’s sinister qualities have carried through unharmed into 2015.

9. Sainsbury’s, Christmas is for Sharing

Last year, Sainsbury’s Hollywood-ised the events of Christmas Day 1914 for profit. Probably the most insensitive Christmas ad ever made.

10. Littlewoods Christmas ad 2015

Hmm…interesting that Littlewoods have kept Myleene Klass as a brand ambassador following her attack on progressive taxation last year. Given that Littlewoods’ target audience probably aren’t holidaying in Val-d’Isère this Christmas, it’s bold.




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