Telecom Firms Are Most Responsive on Facebook

People may have strong connections to car and booze brands, but the extent to which those brands interact with consumers on Facebook may not reflect that. Data from social media measurement firm SocialBakers indicates that telecom, airline, and finance firms have much higher social media response rates than electronics, automotive, and alcohol brands.

Telecom companies such as mobile carriers had a 60 percent response rate, according to SocialBakers. The metric gauges the percentage of user wall posts on brand pages that get responses from the brand. The firm measured 10,000 public Facebook brand pages across the globe between March 1 and March 30, 2012.

Airlines had a 55 percent response rate, and finance companies (think large regional banks) had a 46 percent response rate, according to SocialBakers.

Facebook is often used by companies in these industries as a customer relations platform. For instance, Personal Argentina – a broadband and mobile services firm which had the top response rate in all sectors as well as among telecoms, appears to receive questions from customers about their service every few minutes posted on their Facebook page. And, the firm seems to respond right away to wall posts.

An unhappy customer today complained in a wall post that she was experiencing problems with her Personal Argentina Internet connection. About 20 minutes later a company rep responded in a comment on the post. According to SocialBakers, the telco has an 89 percent response rate to Facebook wall posts.

The measurement firm said that companies respond to 30 percent of social media “fan” feedback on average.

Prolific CRM response rates aren’t always related to angry consumer complaints, however. In the case of online German fashion retailer stylefruits, some likers of the brand are interested in learning more about products. Dannie Forster, a customer planning to attend a wedding asked in a wall post today about accessories that would go well with a royal blue sundress for sale on stylefruits. About a half hour later, a representative wrote back, linking to several products that could create a bright summery ensemble, including a pair of strappy persimmon colored sandals.

Overall, fashion brands studied by SocialBakers got a 41.5 percent score on the Facebook response meter. Stylefruits came it at number 1 with an 88 percent response rate.

Far less responsive were car companies, alcohol brands, and media brands, according to the study. Overall, auto brands had a 17 percent response rate, while alcohol and media brands had around a 5 percent response.

Brahma Vasco beer is the least responsive brand measured by SocialBakers among all companies observed. The Brazilian brew’s response rate is a paltry 0.1 percent. Brahma has more than 14,000 unanswered questions posted to its Facebook wall, according to the measurement firm.


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