Q&A: EditorEye’s Nick Gregg on how to stay ahead of the curve as a marketer

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Nick Gregg is the CEO of enterprise intelligence company EditorEye, which created the Catalyst platform for delivering business insights to marketers.

ClickZ caught up with him to find out more about what Catalyst does as a marketing tool, and how competitor intelligence and news tracking can help marketers stay ahead of the curve.


ClickZ: Why is staying ahead of the curve so important for marketers in today’s digital world?

Nick Gregg: One of the biggest challenges for marketers is staying up-to-speed on digital transformation across their company and industry sector. The pace of change, due to digital disruption, means marketers are constantly playing catch up on the latest marketing innovations.

We know from talking to our clients that tracking innovation is a strategic priority, but for many senior executives they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves. Essentially, we help them save time, discovering the right insights so their senior executives can focus on targeting new business leads and engaging more effectively with clients.


What does EditorEye’s Catalyst platform do that sets it apart from other tools available to marketers?

Catalyst is very powerful tool to help Heads of Marketing, Research and Insight teams to track what is happening in their market sector, and create very targeted topics to monitor their clients, partners and competitors all from one platform.

Unlike media monitoring firms (which track mentions on specific marketing campaigns) or Google Alerts, our technology creates highly accurate Topics with our unique search language, scanning over 300,000+ articles daily, delivering in-depth actionable insights they need on any topic, and also the content curation tools to share these insights with their teams, clients and partners.


How do you measure and monitor the success of a competitor intelligence and news tracking strategy?

The impact on competitor intelligence and news tracking really depends on every individual’s goals. For some of our clients, they just need very tailored alerts to help them stay on top of the breaking news and industry developments. What they need is to receive their alerts all in a single email, rather than from several sources. This helps them save time and get insights faster.

Secondly, tracking insights about your competitors, partners, clients and prospects enables marketing professionals to become thought leaders within their organizations, sharing these insights not only with their team but also their clients and customers, to improve client relationships and also stimulate new business opportunities.


What’s your top tip for creating a culture of innovation?

Collaboration is key. By empowering individuals to share their ideas, whether via an enterprise collaboration tool or in-person meetings, having a shared collective knowledge across your company will help you tap into the industry experts who work within your company and encourage your executives to stay curious in their day-to-day roles.


What do you see as the most significant trends for marketing professionals in the future?

With the rise of digital disruption, there are so many data points that can be collected, and tracking business-critical insights will continue to become a trend for 2017.

I think we’ll start seeing that data and content intelligence will merge together – where marketers could use business intelligence tools like Tableau, and integrate business insights they collect from platforms like Catalyst, giving them a full 360-degree picture of their key metrics and intelligence strategy.


To find out more about how Catalyst delivers critical insights for identifying new business leads, improving client engagement and driving innovation, visit the Catalyst Alerts page for examples.

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