Ovum reveals IT giants struggling to build integrated digital marketing platforms

A new report has shown that despite their size, IT giants are lagging behind the digital revolution by failing to build complete digital marketing platforms.

The report, put together by Ovum and entitled “Evaluating Mega-Vendors’ Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies”, saw analyst Gerry Brown take a look at the digital marketing plans of Adobe, IBM, Oracle, SAS, Teradata and Salesforce.com.

Brown discovered that generally, the delivery of integrated marketing solutions among all of the IT vendors analysed was generally weak, with no vendor being an obviously dominant force in the market yet.

In the past, people have had a myriad of different vendors providing different marketing solutions, which presents many problems with the unification of interfaces, scalability and integration,” Brown commented. “This has made it difficult to move forwards in terms of providing a complete marketing platform.

But marketing people are looking at the total solution to improve efficiency, effectiveness and ability to deliver return on investment back to the organisation.”

Companies wishing to stay at the forefront of technology and ahead in their respective industries are encouraged to improve the sophistication of their digital marketing platforms, lest they be left behind their competitors in the long-run.

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