Four nuggets of expert wisdom from the Content Marketing Masterclass

On January 17 2017, ClickZ Intelligence and Constant Content held The Content Marketing Masterclass webinar.

Sharing their insight on this webinar were Chris Reid, Business Development Manager at Constant Content, Matt Owen, Global Social Media Manager at Shell, and Mark Anderson, SEO and Content Specialist at schuh.

The webinar is now available on demand but for those wanting a sneak preview, here are a few highlights from the presentation….

Successful brands provide relevant content throughout the customer’s purchasing journey

The need to have a constant flow of content throughout each stage of the purchase funnel was a resonating theme throughout the presentation.

76 percent of buyers want different content - ClickZ and Constant Content

With 76% of buyers wanting different content at each step of their purchasing process, it is crucial to create content that is relevant for these steps.

To be effective, it is essential that the content also add value.

Successful brands understand their customers and know what they want. Customer alignment was a key point discussed in Matt Owen’s presentation on content marketing strategy.

Businesses must understand their customer’s journey. They need to find the problem and then solve it, through their content, and continued to solve problems throughout the entire process.

Chris Reid of Constant Content also emphasized five points to adding value to content. Two of these points dictate that content should be understandable and actionable. The content needs to make sense at the right stage of the purchase funnel. It is also essential that the content have a clear call to action which drives the customer to make a purchase.

Product descriptions work as your online sales associate

In an ecommerce environment, product descriptions become the online sales associate for a business.

On average, customers read just 28% of the words on a page. With attention spans shortening, there is a very limited amount of time to attract the attention of potential customers. This necessitates the need for content to grab the customer’s attention and make it compelling enough to hold their attention.

A good way to achieve this is creating unique content that, in the words of Chris Reid, ‘ignites the customer’s imagination.’

By providing original content for product descriptions and not just relying on boilerplate copy provided by manufacturers, successful companies create brand loyalty. Unique content sets your ecommerce company apart and provides value to your customers.

Content that adds value can also generate word of mouth – which according to Intuit CEO Brad Smith attributes directly to 81% of sales.

Hum, Sing! SHOUT!!–diversified content is key

Shell’s Matt Owen emphasized that content needs be diversified as part of a content marketing strategy. His tiered content model divides content into three layers:

  • Hum–the content that is always on.
  • Sing!–content that is more campaign based with a defined target and dedicated budget.
  • SHOUT!!–content that is product or sales focused.

Hum sing shout content model - Matt Owen - ClickZ and Constant Content

While the SHOUT!! tier is rare, its influence can be lasting and memorable.

A collaborative approach leads to content which converts

Schuh’s uses a collaborative approach to content marketing. Brainstorming sessions with internal stakeholders as well as the use of data enables them to have a more informed strategy when creating and distributing content.

Mark Anderson shared his team’s steps to content marketing. These included:

  • Have clarity in the objectives so they are understood throughout the team.
  • Determine how to define success at timely intervals. While some content might take months to have a measurable impact, other effects can occur more quickly.
  • Understand the audience through research and planning and learn from previous campaigns. This enables you to get better at creating content.
  • Use creativity and a bit of flair. This will mean you have content that not only stands out but also delivers value to the customer.

Interested in learning more about content marketing? Then watch The Content Marketing Masterclass Webinar on demand.

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