Energy Online ad pranks salespeople

The latest ad from Kiwi utilities retailer Energy Online plays an ingenious prank on those pesky door-to-door energy salespeople we all love to hate.

With the use of an oversize door knocker hiding a heavily made up actor’s face, the prank prays upon energy reps as they go about their day touting for business. Waiting until they go to grab his face, the angry knocker shouts at the unsuspecting salespeople, with hidden cameras capturing their horrified surprise.

‘Door knocking is so last century’

Carrying the strapline: ‘Door knocking is so last century. See how we got rid of them’, the ad emphasizes the convenience of shopping for utilities online.

As if the poor sales reps hadn’t had enough stress that day, as they walk back down the steps, they are confronted with one last shock before they manage to escape the clutches of this bizarre house.

If you’re thinking of a career in energy sales, I would strike New Zealand of your list of potential destinations.


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