Digital marketers shouldn’t overlook Baby Boomers

old people

A new study by the AARP, Google and Ipsos MediaCT, has highlighted how digital marketing strategies should not turn a blind eye to the Baby Boomers out there.

The study looked at the shopping tendencies of the 50+ demographic of Boomers and seniors, and reported that seniors are not as resistant to technology when it comes to their shopping experiences as some might have expected.

According to Folio, around 75% of Boomers and 68% of seniors take some form of action after watching a video. 57% of them go on to visit a retailer and a further 37% call the store or organisation connected to the video. 41% of this group forward links or videos to people they think might be interested.

“The study reported that Boomers and seniors highly value the Internet as a source of information,” the report reads. “84 percent and 77 percent, respectively, view it as the number one source of a variety of content.”

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