Compass Labs Launches CLIQ Social Intelligence

Social marketing platform Compass Labs has launched CLIQ Social Intelligence, a platform it says provides brands guidance on their audience, and earned and paid media strategies.

Compass Labs also says CLIQ Social Intelligence provides marketers and advertisers with access to “an unprecedented level of data and analytics around a brand’s social presence and performance on Facebook and Twitter.”

More specifically, Social Intelligence provides audience insights, including customer interests and media preferences, as well as trends in awareness and engagement and guidance on owned, earned, and paid media strategies. CLIQ Social Intelligence also tracks a brand’s competitors to help marketers and agencies effectively target and speak to current and prospective customers.

The CLIQ Social Intelligence platform includes five modules: Brand Metrics analyzes a brand’s performance on Facebook and Twitter, tracking brand awareness, reach, fan, and follower growth, and engagement; Audience Intelligence provides audience demographics, behavioral interests, and activities, as well as media preferences; Content Intelligence includes tools to better understand a brand’s owned and earned media on Facebook and Twitter and what is resonating with its audience – posting topics, top tweets, dayparts, engagement, and virality; Campaign Intelligence provides a single view into key performance metrics for all of the Facebook ads a brand has running, regardless of whether the campaign is managed by Compass Labs; and Competitor Intelligence provides the ability to compare brands based on performance, fan, and audience metrics for any brand with a Facebook brand page.

“Social networks are constant streams of user expression, which is great, but totally overwhelming and useless if you don’t know how to filter through the chatter,” says Molly Glover Gallatin, vice president of marketing at Compass Labs. “It takes sophisticated technology and tools – like Compass Labs’ machine learning, predictive analytics and natural language processing – to be able to hone in on the chatter and activity that is relevant to a brand and its customers, and harness it to reach the right audiences with the right messages at the right times.”

According to Gallatin, CLIQ Social Intelligence gives brands insight into who their audience is on Facebook and Twitter, which, in turn, provides a much richer set of demographics and psychographics than what is provided directly from the social networks.

Compass Labs looks at social conversations on a micro level, marrying what customers are talking about to targetable audience segments, Gallatin says.

This means that brands can understand what is/is not working with their content strategy, improving owned and earned media performance, and helping them to create a more engaging dialogue with customers. In addition, they can apply this analysis to their paid advertising efforts to more precisely target audiences and improve campaign performance,” Gallatin adds. “For example, if you discover that your audience loves NBC’s Revolution, then you might start posting things related to the show in addition to your product, or putting ad dollars toward spots on NBC.”

CLIQ Social Intelligence customers include green cleaning product company Seventh Generation and brand strategy and communications planning consultancy Naked Communications.

Compass Labs says CLIQ Social Intelligence complements its flagship offering, CLIQ Ads Manager, which provides campaign management tools, analytics, and audience insights based on users who are engaging with a brand’s ads, making marketers smarter about how they approach their paid media strategy, both on and off social. With the launch of CLIQ Social Intelligence, Compass Labs says it now addresses the owned and earned media question for marketers because both products focus on making sense of all the data afforded by social to provide guidance on media planning, audience targeting, content, and ad strategies.

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