Always #LikeAGirl “movement” boosted with new ad

Always has launched the second installment of its #LikeAGirl campaign with another girl-empowering, prejudice quashing ad.

The P&G-owned sanitary brand also signed up Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams as brand ambassador and launched a “confidence curriculum” for schools to further cement itself as a force for positive female perception.

The ad features a range of young women outlining things they feel they can’t do as a women, according to the social status quo, in the face of stats that suggests that 56% of women lose their confidence at puberty, often never recovering it during adulthood.

Always has also partnered with educational platform TED to publish further inspiring content to promote positive female perception.

The #LikeAGirl “movement” has become “more than a hashtag”, said British actress Maisie Williams, who is Always’ latest brand ambassador.

“I love the way Like a Girl made me think, and I love the positivity it is generating,” she added.

The “Unstoppable” ad will move the campaign beyond social media said Roisin Donnelly, brand director for Northern Europe at P&G.

“I expect a different impact. The first one was so surprising and so different and challenged the norms and it worked very quickly,” she added.

“This [one] will have an impact, but it won’t be the overnight YouTube number of views. It’s important to look at the partnerships.

“I think the impact with TED, creating deep content with the right people, will be extraordinary. There will be a depth of message.”


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