Ad of the week: Shake Business Cards

What better way to advertise a new digital business card app, than by updating American Psycho’s famous business card scene.

The ad, which appears as if Patrick Bateman has a smartphone, shows how Shake Business Cards update physical business cards with the ability to connect to LinkedIn accounts and sync with smartphone contacts.

“Being fully integrated with LinkedIn was important to us, as it ensures the authenticity of the people on the network” said Tommaso Tomba, EIR at Blenheim Chalcot and team lead on Shake. “There are many more advantages to having digital business cards. For example, we wanted to ensure our users would be able to use the app even with people not yet on the network, so we allow you to email, and soon even text, your business card to new contacts”

Shake Business Cards, made by Contentive, is available both on Android and iOS for free.


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