Absolute Digital Media suggesting shift towards multichannel marketing in UK

A study by Absolute Digital Media reveals that as the way consumers use the internet changes, agencies are moving towards a more integrated approach in their services.

Research from the UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report 2013 demonstrates that more than half of agencies now offer a full range of digital marketing services, up from 45% in 2012 and 42% in 2011. A comparatively low 12% of agencies specialise in just SEO while 7% claim to focus exclusively on paid search. A further 10% of respondents carry out both SEO and paid search.

Familiar with the benefits of a multichannel approach, Managing Director at Absolute Digital Media Ben Austin shares his comments on the survey’s results: “As the internet continues to become more competitive across all sectors, it is not surprising that more people are seeking a full range of services. As well as reaching a wider audience, these channels work to strengthen each other. For example social media is playing a more influential role in your search rankings whilst it is also a great platform for promoting your content. As well as using different channels, it is just as important to combine and time these perfectly.”

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